Divisions will be based on your highest ranking player on the team asa or usssa.

Rec no one allowed higher then rec allowed on the team.

Competitive no one higher then D+ on your team

Open Doesn't matter whos on your team.

Coed will be open until enough teams enter and then placed in upper lower based on divisions players play

Home Run Jersey May be switched among players through out the tournament in between games once the first pitch is pitched the person wearing the jersey has to continue to wear the jersey for that game. If an individual is walked wearing the home run jersey they will get an automatic double and the home run will go to the next batter that one time. 


Pitchers will have a 6 foot circle to pitch from and a mat will be used as balls and strikes. "juking" is allowed. Pitcher must pitch the ball no later then 10 seconds after the batter is set.

Home Runs

Open 6 per Game

Competitive 3 per game

 The 7th and 4th for these 2 divisions will be singles no runners advanced unless forced to advance.  After that they will be outs

Rec +1 Vistors have to hit the first home run to start the +1 

You are allowed 1 opps home run per game so instead of an out it will be a single no runners advance unless forced.

Womans 1 per game then outs.

Coed 3 per game then outs.


HR Jerseys Available at $50 per limit 2 per team these allow players wearing the jersey to hit home runs and not have it count against there total count. 

If a player is ejected from the game the team will be removed from the tournament. 

Teams are able to choose a freedom runner before the tournament starts this player is allowed to run for anyone and everyone on the team. Wrist Band must be worn!